ProfilerFAnalyzer for AOF by US EPA Draft Method 1621

In April 2022, the US EPA drafted Method 1621, a screening method for the determination of adsorbable organic fluorine (AOF) in aqueous matrices by combustion ion chromatography (CIC). While CIC and LC-MS/MS both require sample preparation, measurement by CIC is slightly easier than LC-MS/MS and doesn’t require nearly as much data analysis and interpretation.

CIC System Workflow

Optimized for Fluorine Analysis

Following the multi-lab validation, the EPA will finalize Method 1621 adding performance criteria. The ProfilerF Analyzer for AOF is configured specifically for AOF analysis, optimized to handle unknown fluoride concentrations. The system includes:

  • Patented combustion tube technology designed for fluorinated samples
  • EPA 1621 prescribed analytical and guard columns
  • Water delivery system capable of introducing reagent water at a controlled rate
  • Equipment for continuous eluent generation
  • MagIC Net software for seamless control of combustion and chromatography hardware
  • Comprehensive three-year warranty on full system


AOF Sample Prep by EPA Draft Method 1621

Conveniently bundled with all the materials you’ll need to get started. This easy-to-use system helps you process up to 6 samples simultaneously. The bundle includes:

  • APU sim Sample Prep Unit made by Analytik Jena
  • Low-fluoride carbon extraction tubes
  • Sodium nitrate, >99%, 500g for preparing rinse solution
Additional Consumables available
  • Disposable syringes
  • O-rings
  • Replacement hoses
  • Duplex column holders
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