Investigating Fluorine Compounds in Non-Aqueous Samples 

Alongside the high priority to understand the environmental and health impacts of PFAS, companies are working very hard to limit new PFAS compounds from entering the environment and new state-by-state regulations are being enacted beyond water. Throughout 2021 and 2022, many states implemented PFAS-focused laws banning certain products and packaging that contain the compounds.

Common analytical methods such as Parr™ Bomb or X-ray fluorescence (XRF) present challenges due to long analysis times and interference from other additives. Parr Bomb measurements lack accuracy and precision, typically requiring samples to be run in triplicate to achieve meaningful analysis. XRF is more accurate, but subject to interference from other polymer components and lack of sensitivity at low concentrations.

Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) is being used as an effective tool for releasing fluoride from samples like carpet fibers and plastics. 

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