ProfilerF Solids: Measure Total Fluorine Accurately

Application Example: Polymer Processing Additive Analysis

Polymer Processing Additives (PPA) are widely used to optimize the manufacturing process of plastic films, pipes and cables. PPAs help optimize manufacturing conditions and minimize yield-reducing failures like melt fracture and die build-up, increasing product yield and ensuring final product quality.

Improve Process Efficiency and Product Consistency

Knowing the concentration, dispersion and distribution of PPAs helps resin producers, compounders and end users improve process efficiency and ensure consistent product quality. The new ProfilerF Solids Analyzer measures Total Fluorine content to quantify PPA in resins, polymers and plastics.

Be Confident in the Accuracy of Your PPA Concentration 

A minor change in PPA concentration can have a significant impact on your process. Too little PPA affects product consistency while too much PPA increases cost without any added benefit. With the ProfilerF, you can be sure that you are using the right amount of PPA to maintain consistent product quality without overpaying on PPA concentrations.

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White Paper: Monitoring Polymer Processing Additives (PPA)

Polymer Processing Additives (PPA) are commonly used in plastics manufacturing to improve the quality of extruded products such as films, pipes, cables, and fibers. Even a small amount of PPA has a dramatic impact, as they allow the melted polymer to slip through dyes and molds more easily and cleanly.

Read this white paper to see how ProfilerF allows simple measurement of PPA additives in polymers, improving quality and lowering production cost.